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Single Origin Whole Bean Coffee - Ethiopia Natural Organic Jemjemo

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Ethiopia Jemjemo single origin whole bean coffee. Light roast full of bright fruity flavors.

  • Grower: Wolde Hirbe
  • Variety: Regional cultivars 74112 & 74110
  • Region: Wenago, Gedeo Zone, Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples' Region, Ethiopia
  • Altitude: 1800-1900 masl
  • Certification: Organic
  • Process: Full Natural

    Flavor notes:

    Strawberry • Peach • Blood Orange • Melon

    "Coffee from individual farmers is becoming less difficult to find in Ethiopia, but it is still extremely rare and requires a full supply chain in its support. This is a single-farmer microlot from the Wenago district of Ethiopia's famous Gedeo Zone, milled and exported by the former manager of the robust Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union.

    The vast majority of coffee processing in Ethiopia is centralized due to complete lack of infrastructure or efficiencies at the farm level, but larger plots like Wolde's allow for greater personal control. Wolde Hirbe's farm, located in Wemayranago's Jemjemo community, is 14.25 hectares in size, enormous compared to the average 1 hectare or less belonging to most coffee producers in the Yirgacheffe district.  

    Wolde employs 9 pickers each harvest for cherry collection. Cherry is delivered throughout the day during harvest, where it is inspected and sorted for acceptability based on ripeness and uniformity. Once received, cherries are moved directly to the drying tables where they spread in a single layer to dry in the sun. The full drying process normally takes 3 weeks.  

    Once cherries have been thoroughly dried and rested, the dried fruit is hulled from the coffee seed locally, and then transferred to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital. In Addis the coffee is dry-milled by Konga Trading PLC, using modern color sorting equipment and a fleet of trained workers who repeatedly hand-sort the coffee for export. Takele Mammo, the founder of Konga Trading, was for many years the manager of Ethiopia’s Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (YCFCU), one of Ethiopia’s highest quality exporters and supply chains for Fairtrade and Organic certified coffee. During his time with the union, Takele, in partnership with the importer, regularly facilitated select individual farmer exports together each year from within the cooperative union structure. It was considered very unusual at the beginning, but over time this effort laid the groundwork for what is now a robust demand for unique, small-farm coffees from Ethiopia’s most famous specialty area."

    In an effort to provide the freshest coffee possible with the lowest amount of waste, all coffee orders will be roasted at the beginning of the week and shipped out within two business days of roast.